Arrival and welcome day

Today, is the first day of an event that the organisers have been working on for a year and a half. It is an exciting day for them. Which old and new friends will be come across?

Arrival and welcome

Huis ter Duin and the NPC wish you a warm welcome

You can arrive at the prestigious Hotel Huis ter Duin between 15.00 and 17.30. The hotel is the base from which we will start and finish the activities during our event. Hotel Huis ter Duin is one of the most beautiful hotels in the Netherlands and has been dressed entirely in the Porsche style. The hotel is situated on the coast of Noordwijk. From the hotel, you can take the steps down to the stunning North Sea beach. We are sure that the hotel will fulfil your every expectation.

The organisation team is ready to welcome you and answer all of your questions. They will also hand out route books and a ‘goody bag’.


The first informal gathering, introduction and social opportunity.

At 18.00, the organisers of PPE2018 would like to invite you for an aperitif in the hotel foyer. With a snack and a drink, the participants can get to know one another in a pleasant, informal setting. The dress-code for the evening is smart-casual. A quiet start to an event that you will enjoy over the coming days.


But you can't dance on an empty stomach...

At around 19.00, the dining room will be opened. As you would expect, this will also be decked out in Porsche styling. At large, round tables, we will tuck into a delicious dinner.The chairman of the Dutch Porsche Club and the organisers of PPE2018 will welcome you to the event.During the meal, there will be a little background music and a few performances. The dinner will end at around 22.00.

Porsche Bar

You can then enjoy a nightcap, on the terrace if it is warm enough.

A Porsche Bar will be set up in the hotel. For anyone who wishes to stay out a little later, the Porsche Bar will be open in the hotel lounge. If the weather is nice enough, the terrace will be open too. But don’t make it too late. We have some great days to look forward to.

Tour day

Today we will discover the provinces of Noord and Zuid Holland. We will ‘stop the traffic’ in The Hague and Rotterdam, with our parade of Porsches. That evening, we will visit Amsterdam. Otherwise, you can’t really say you’ve visited the Netherlands!


Up early today as we have a busy programme.

From 07.00 to 09.00, there will be full breakfast buffet. Make sure you are ready on time. At 09.00, the tour will begin.


A trip through the Netherlands

The organisers of PPE2018 have arranged a tour around the exceptional landscape of the Netherlands. Flowers, windmills, the sea and dunes will all be on display today. Part of the event not to be missed. You’ve come to the Netherlands for good reason

Cows in the countryside from the Netherlands


Lunch Rotterdam / The Hague Airport

Lunch at Restaurant Waalhaven at the airport

At around 12.00, the tour will end at Rotterdam/The Hague airport. If you have not taken part in the tour, you will be expected at 12.00, at this location, for a light lunch.

The location for this delicious lunch is Restaurant Waalhaven. This restaurant  is located at Vliegveld Zestienhoven, right next to the runway. For flying enthusiasts, it is a stunning location to watch planes land and take-off. The lunch will end at 14.00 and the return trip to Huis ter Duin will begin.

Tour to Noordwijk

Continuation of tour

Via Dutch roads with great views, we will head to Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk. Our expected arrival time is around 16.00.

For the rest of the afternoon, you are free to relax, enjoy the beach or wander around the shopping streets of Noordwijk.But make sure you are back at the hotel in time to get ready for the evening programme. It promises to be a spectacular evening.

Programme and dinner party in Amsterdam

Time to party!

Before departure, we will have a chance to admire everyone’s clothing. The dress-code for the afternoon and evening is white or silver. But you can choose what you wear. As long as it’s white or silver. At 18.00, the buses will leave for Amsterdam. After a journey of 30-40 minutes, we will arrive in Amsterdam where the tour boats will be ready to take us on a one and a half hour journey past the most beautiful sights in the city. This is the most relaxed way to see Amsterdam and unique in the world. Drinks will be served on board.

After this tour, we will end up at one of Amsterdam’s historical buildings. The Tobacco Theater. This used to be a tobacco drying house. It is an interesting and impressive building.

A walking-dinner will be served during the evening. There will also be various performances and a chance to strut your stuff on the dance-floor. It promises to be a fantastic evening with a great food and music.

At around 22.30 the first shuttle bus will begin the return journey to Noordwijk. The last bus will leave at 23.30.

This gives you the chance to enjoy the location and one another’s company for as long as possible.

Porsche Bar

A moment to relax and reminisce...

The Porsche Bar will be open once we are back at the hotel. After all the events of the day, however, we don’t think anyone will stay up too late. The following day is also packed with activities.

Concours d’Élégance & Parade

The highlight. Today is the day that it’s all about. The Porsche Parade.


There's no lie-in today.

Breakfast is served between 07.00 and around 09.00 We will then get ready for the starting gun for the highlight of this event: The Porsche Parade.

Tour to Almere

A little bit of New Netherlands

At 10.00 we depart and take the scenic route to the city of Almere. Almere is built on the seabed of the old Zuiderzee. The city has 200,000 residents and is very modern. You will be blown away by the stunning polder landscape and the modern architecture.  The Dutch certainly know how to do things. It is unique in Europe. The tour will last around an hour and a half.

In Almere, you will be received by the car park attendants.

Setting up Porsches in Almere

Let's show off our vehicles!

Our Porsches will then be displayed at the large central square in Almere. You will then have an opportunity to display your Porsche. Today, is also the day of the Parade and the Concours d’Elegance, with some fantastic prizes.The square will be secured to make sure that the Porsches are safe as we follow our programme in Almere.

Opening ceremony by mayor

VIP visit

The mayor of Almere will welcome us and open the event. An official moment, during this amazing event.

Lunch market & Concours d'Élégance

Snacking on herring and Dutch delights!

After the mayor’s welcome speech, you will be invited to walk through the centre of Almere. During this tour, stalls along the way will serve typically Dutch snacks and meals. Let you taste-buds enjoy the flavours of the Netherlands. While you are walking, an expert jury will be assessing the Porsches. As well as the opinions of an expert jury, a public prize will also be awarded and participants will also choose their favourite Porsche, after their walk around the city. Almere will do all it can to make you feel welcome.

Concours d'Élégance prizes

Give credit where credit's due

The public prize will be awarded at 15.00. The most beautiful car according to the expert jury, and the choice of the participants will be announced during the evening programme.

Porsche Parade Europe 2018

Stealing the show

It is now 15.30 and the big moment can start. The reason we’ve all joined in with this trip. The Porsche Parade Europe 2018.We will all get ready for a parade through the centre of Almere. The public will be able to enjoy our stunning cars from stages and along the route. We’ll be applauded as we parade in convoy through the streets of Almere. A unique and unparalleled event. Now we can enjoy ourselves.

Depart for Noordwijk

Back home in convoy

Immediately after the parade, we will head back to the Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk. Here, you will have time to process all of your experiences from the day.



At 18.00 we will enjoy an aperitif in the foyer of Huis ter Duin.

Dinner in style

Formal dinner

At 19.00, the doors of the hall will open. The dress-code for the evening is ‘gala’ (black-tie for men, long or cocktail dresses for the women). A delicious, three-course meal will be served at the gala.

At 22.00, the entertainment and the evening will come to an end.

Porsche Bar


The Porsche Bar is open for business as usual. Today is the last day to have the chance to speak to eachother and enjoy sharing stories about the last couple of days.

Day of departure

All good things must come to an end and this also applies to the PPE 2018. Departure day.


Have a long lie-in

 At 08.00, breakfast will open. You may check out of the hotel up to 11.30.


Carry on enjoying yourself during the journey home

The event has come to an end. We have had a great time together but must now say our goodbyes. The whole event is recorded by a professional film crew and photographer. The images will be shared with all of the participants.The organisers wish you a safe journey home.